6. März bis 29. April 2008

Heike Kati Barath/C.A. Wertheim Barath – HOOP!

mit Unterstützung der Niederländischen Botschaft, Berlin

Die Ausstellung ‚HOOP!’ ist die erste gemeinsame Ausstellung von Heike Kati Barath und C.A. Wertheim in Deutschland. Das niederländische Wort ‚hoop’ bedeutet ‚Hoffnung’ und auch ‚Haufen’. Dies ist das dritte Mal, dass die Künstlerinnen ihre Arbeiten gemeinsam präsentieren. Die Galerie Cokkie Snoei aus Rotterdam brachte sie 2003 in der Ausstellung ‚Eye Toys’ zusammen. Zum zweiten Mal zeigten sie ihre Arbeiten in einer alten Kirche, in der Stichtig RC de Ruimte in Ijmuiden.

“At a glance, Heike Kati Barath’s colorful pictures seem pure and innocent, like a scribble by a small child. However, when the viewer stands in front of the huge canvas, he/she will notice the anxiety and violence that lurk behind the surface. The somewhat clumsy but humorous characters might remind oneself of a close acquaintance, or one might associate them with comics or other sub-cultures. Even as we engage in such thoughts, anxiety and violence creep into our minds. This quality is particularly prominent in a series of her portraits. The boys, the girls or men whose upper bodies are depicted, all convey an empty and lonely feeling. The feeling is as though it were the anxieties and exasperation over what cannot be perceived by a single tangible image, while fragments of consciousness and thought come and go like waves on the seashore. We are able to catch a glimpse of how the darkness of the aforementioned anxieties and violence that people harbor function as a potential and essential factor in the portraits she depicts. Whether consciously or unconsciously, what we see lurking behind the large, bright canvas is today’s crisis of individuals in that respect. The brighter the canvas, the more the darkness hangs over like a haunted spirit. The greatest appeal of her paintings is that she perceives through intuition and imagination the real world that cannot be articulated by words (the intellect). Barath is able to convey discreet nuances and tremors of emotion that can only be expressed by her paintings. When there are more people who are able to relate to the multifaceted world of Barath, the world should become a brighter place.”

Kenji Kubota 2003 (Auszug)

“For more than ten years now, the artist C.A. Wertheim makes self-portraits in various disguises. In her fairly recent work, too, her own face is expressly present. The portraits are autobiographic with layered and emotional depths behind the painted or photographed smiles. Highly characteristic of her work is the unusual application of various simple, ordinary products and materials, such as old envelopes and used lids and caps. In her most recent work various kinds of (grass)paper are incorporated, leading to ‘hairy’ portraits, that look at you in a striking and alarming way; a portrayal of a concentrated search in a confusing world. By combining the elevated with the everyday, imaginative and playful collages arise full of cheerful contradictions. At the same time, by mixing culture and nature, the works shows the artist’s vulnerability.”

Alida de Socorro 2007