Current exhibitions

It’s a gift! – Exchange of Dipomatic Presents

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum – Cultures of the World. June 7, 07.06.2019 to September 22, 22.09.2019

On the occasion of state visits it is customary to exchange gifts. But what do these diplomatic gifts tell us? The museum will present around 30 previously unexhibited state gifts from 15 non-European countries such as Togo, Mexico and Indonesia. The elaborate carvings, sophisticated ceramics and replicas of famous originals will be shown as ›interventions‹ in the permanent collection.

Albert Speer in West Germany. Dealing with Germany’s past

NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne. June 7, 07.06.2019 to August 18, 18.08.2019

During the Third Reich, Albert Speer was the country’s leading architect and in charge of large-scale projects such as the Nazi party Rally grounds and the radical reconstruction of Berlin. In 1946 he was given a 20-year prison sentence by the Allies at the Nuremberg Trials. When Speer was released from prison in Berlin-Spandau in 1966 he was confronted with thousands of curious bystanders and dozens of microphones and cameras of international reporters.

Benjamin Katz: Berlin Havelhöhe, 1960/1961

Museum Ludwig. June 7, 07.06.2019 to September 22, 22.09.2019

Benjamin Katz became known in the 1980s as a fixture of the art scene in West Germany. On the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Benjamin Katz (born on June 14, 1939, in Antwerp, Belgium), the Museum Ludwig will present his series of photographs Berlin Havelhöhe (1960/1961), which has never before been shown in its entirety.

We • Believe • Art. Master Drawings from the Cologne Jesuit Collection

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud. May 24, 24.05.2019 to August 18, 18.08.2019

The Wallraf will set out on an investigation into its own past. For the first time in its long history Cologne’s first ever museum will Showcase its outstanding Jesuit Collection, which already entered the Museum as a permanent loan in the 1880s. This collection of around 500 works, together with the drawings amassed by Ferdinand Franz Wallraf, has to this day constituted the foundation of the Print Collection with ist over 65,000 works.

New Objectivity in the Rhineland and Palestine – Erez Israel: Josef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn

NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne. May 17, 17.05.2019 to July 14, 14.07.2019

Since the UNESCO gave the »White City« in Tel Aviv World Heritage Site status, interest in and awareness of modern architecture from the 1930s and 1940s has constantly increased in Israel. The influence of New Objectivity is illustrated using the examples of Erich Mendelsohn (1887-1953) and Josef Rings (1878-1957).

ParallelUNIversum?! Köln und seine Universität seit 1919

Historisches Archiv. May 7, 07.05.2019 to November 10, 10.11.2019

(DE) Die Ausstellung möchte besonders das Verhältnis von Stadt und Universität in den Blick nehmen und neben der Darstellung der historischen Entwicklung, zusätzliche ausgewählte Schwerpunkte der gemeinsamen Stadt- und Universitätsgeschichte thematisieren.

Fiona Tan: GAAF. Part of the Artist Meets Archive series

Museum Ludwig. May 4, 04.05.2019 to August 11, 11.08.2019

At the Museum Ludwig, the photographer, video artist, and filmmaker Fiona Tan (*1966 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands) will work with the archive of the Agfa advertising department, which has been packed away in storage for forty years. The archive comprises an estimated 25,000 photographs and negatives from the Agfa advertising department.

Antje Van Wichelen. Noisy Images

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum – Cultures of the World. May 4, 04.05.2019 to July 21, 21.07.2019

The Historical Photo Archives of the Rautenstrauch- Joest-Museum (RJM) will make its collection accessible for the first time for a Joint project: At the invitation of Photoszene Köln, six international artists will examine groups of works at Cologne’s museums to make possible new perspectives of the collection through their own, specific views and artistic practice. The Belgian artist Antje van Wichelen will work as an Artist in Residence at the RJM.

YOU ARE HERE – Attempting a photographic positioning, part 1

Cologne City Museum. May 4, 04.05.2019 to July 14, 14.07.2019

With »You are here«, the Internationale Photoszene Cologne gives an impressive insight into the current trends of contemporary documentary, portrait and concept photography in Cologne. It kicks off a new series of exhibitions redefining Cologne’s role as an important photographic city.

Artist meets Archive: Ronit Porat. Bird of Paradise

Cologne City Museum. May 4, 04.05.2019 to July 14, 14.07.2019

Within the framework of the project »Artist meets Archive« the Artist Ronit Porat from Israel immersed herself in the Print Room of the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum for several weeks. The focus of her activities were picture postcards from 1918 to 1938.

Ani Schulze. 7 Follies

artothek – space for young art. May 2, 02.05.2019 to June 22, 22.06.2019

(DE) In der raumgreifenden Installation 7 Follies der Künstlerin Ani Schulze entfalten sich einzelne Skulpturen und Materialien wie ein Parcours zu einem Gesamtbild, das Fragen zur Stabilität der materiellen sowie virtuellen Welt aufwirft und unsere Verortung in jener umkreist.

2 of 14. Two Cologne-born Artists at the Bauhaus

Museum of Applied Arts. April 12, 12.04.2019 to August 11, 11.08.2019

The exhibition honors the work of the ceramic artist Margarete Heymann-Loebenstein (1899-1990) in combination with stage designs by her cousin Marianne Ahlfeld-Heymann (1905-2003), both of whom studied at the Bauhaus.

Wolfgang Hahn Prize 2018. Jac Leirner

Museum Ludwig. April 10, 10.04.2019 to July 21, 21.07.2019

In 2019, the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst am Museum Ludwig will recognize Jac Leirner with the Wolfgang Hahn Prize. The Brazilian artist, born in São Paulo in 1961, has been pursuing a subtle analysis of social and representational systems for many years. Found, often industrially manufactured everyday objects from which she creates installations, collages, and sculptures.

All the World's A Stage? Comparing European Theatres, Operas and Concert Halls

Museum of Applied Arts. March 30, 30.03.2019 to June 30, 30.06.2019

The exhibition presents a total of 19 European stage buildings, including both renovations of historic buildings (e.g. London, Cologne, Lyon, Dresden, Berlin) and spectacular new buildings (e.g. Oslo, Copenhagen, Liverpool, Athens, Hamburg). Each stage construction is presented and compared with impressive photos, plans, data and facts. The exhibition at the MAKK will be accompanied by an extensive supporting programme in cooperation with the Bühnen Köln.

Anja Niedringhaus – Bilderkriegerin

Käthe Kollwitz Museum. March 29, 29.03.2019 to June 30, 30.06.2019

(DE) Als die Photographin und Pulitzer-Preisträgerin Anja Niedringhaus (1965–2014) vor fünf Jahren in Afghanistan Opfer eines Anschlags wird, hinterlässt sie ein beeindruckendes Œuvre. Das Käthe Kollwitz Museum Köln präsentiert die erste posthume Retrospektive – eine Ausstellung, die sich dem Gesamtwerk der Photographin widmet, das neben Bildern aus der Krisenberichterstattung auch brillante Porträtaufnahmen und Sportfotografien umfasst.

All under Heaven. The Museum of East Asian Art by the Aachener Weiher – 40 Years

Museum of East Asian Art. November 17, 17.11.2018 to June 30, 30.06.2019

40 years ago the new building of the Museum for East Asian Art opened at Aachener Weiher. This building, designed by the Japanese architect Kunio Maekawa, gave the museum a new home after the original museum, founded in 1909, was destroyed in World War II.

Through the magnifying glass

Museum Schnütgen. November 13, 13.11.2018 to June 30, 30.06.2019

This exhibition is the first to give an overview of the most important restoration works and technological investigations in the field of art during the past 25 years. The areas covered range from the complete removal of the coatings of a wood sculpture to conservational methods and touch-free optical examination. What these measures reveal are the older conditions of the works as well as new insights into their genesis and the determination of their age.

The Sunday of Life. Lifestyle in the Baroque

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud. July 13, 13.07.2018 to August 19, 19.08.2019

Rustling gowns, stately backdrops, exotic fruits and elegant accessories - the portraits and still lives from the baroque era mostly point to the sunny side of life. But not rarely concealed behind the figures and decorative arrangements are tales of adventure and crossed destinies. In its new presentation from the collection, The Sunday of Life, the Wallraf will feature particularly charming, rarely shown or freshly restored paintings on their very own stage.

The Samson-Master and his age. Romanesque sculpture in the Rhineland

Museum Schnütgen. June 6, 06.06.2018 to June 30, 30.06.2019

The “Samson-Master” was an outstanding artist active in the Rhineland in the period around 1200, who is named after the Samson figure from the abbey of Maria Laach. For some six months this expressive stone sculpture and a few exceptional capitals from Maria Laach will be guests at the Museum.

KölnSkulptur #9

Skulpturenpark Köln. October 15, 15.10.2017 to September 30, 30.09.2019

(DE) Unter dem Ausstellungstitel „La Fin de Babylone. Mich wundert, dass ich so fröhlich bin!“ lädt die Kuratorin Chus Martínez ein, den Geschichten, die der Park zu erzählen hat, zu lauschen. Im Vordergrund stehen acht neue Arbeiten von folgenden Künstlern: Andrea Büttner, Claudia Comte, Jan Kiefer, Eduardo Navarro, Solange Pessoa, Lin May Saeed, Teresa Solar und Pedro Wirz.