Current exhibitions

Through the magnifying glass

Museum Schnütgen. November 13, 13.11.2018 to June 30, 30.06.2019

This exhibition is the first to give an overview of the most important restoration works and technological investigations in the field of art during the past 25 years. The areas covered range from the complete removal of the coatings of a wood sculpture to conservational methods and touch-free optical examination. What these measures reveal are the older conditions of the works as well as new insights into their genesis and the determination of their age.

80 years ago – the Pogrom in Cologne

NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne. November 6, 06.11.2018 to January 6, 06.01.2019

On 9 November, 80 years ago, synagogues were set on fire, Jewish flats and houses plundered and shops destroyed – in Cologne as in other cities. In remembrance of the Pogrom Night, a special installation traces the development of the racial exclusion of Jews leading up to the Holocaust. A comprehensive collection from a Cologne Family is representative of the fate suffered by Jews in Cologne. A commemorative installation of the NS-Documentation Centre and the City of Cologne.


artothek – space for young art. November 2, 02.11.2018 to November 24, 24.11.2018

(DE) Das Friedrich-Vordemberge-Stipendium für Bildende Kunst der Stadt Köln geht in diesem Jahr an die Künstlerin Selma Gültoprak. Die mit der Auszeichnung verbundene Ausstellung EVERYTHING AND THE OPPOSITE, TOO. in der artothek – Raum für junge Kunst wird von der Beigeordneten für Kunst und Kultur, Susanne Laugwitz-Aulbach eröffnet.

34 x Design

Museum of Applied Arts. October 27, 27.10.2018 to January 27, 27.01.2019

"34 x Design" brings together 34 international highlights of the MAKK's design collection in an exhibition. It reflects the change in taste and technology in nearly 100 years of design history: from Rietveld’s "Red Blue Chair" (1918) to the 3D printed "Generico Chair" from 2014.

Kölner Design Preis – Toby E. Rodes Award

Museum of Applied Arts. October 26, 26.10.2018 to November 18, 18.11.2018

In 2018, the Cologne Design Prize will be awarded for the 11th time and will, for the first time, be offered by Neumann-Hug SA, which manages the Toby E. Rodes Estate. As one of the most coveted awards for young design graduates, the prize honours the life and work of German-American designer Toby E. Rodes. The prize recognises outstanding graduation projects from students enrolled in design courses at Cologne-based universities.

Cologne 68! Protest. Pop. Provocation

Cologne City Museum. October 20, 20.10.2018 to February 24, 24.02.2019

The events of the late 1960s, today encapsulated in the symbolic abbreviation ‘68’, mark an important turning point in the history of West Germany. The mood among the young generation, above all in the world of academia, was tense. Cologne also saw demonstrations by university and college students for more co-determination and democratisation. This exhibition focuses on the complex events and developments in Cologne around the year 1968.

Alexander von Humboldt: Photography and Legacy

Museum Ludwig. October 13, 13.10.2018 to January 27, 27.01.2019

The year 2019 will mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt. Humboldt, who was well traveled and connected, was not only a member of the commission that voted for the worldwide publication of one of the first photographic processes in 1839. He was also subsequently given photo albums that are now valuable and singular works.

Fast Fashion. The Dark Side of Fashion

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum – Cultures of the World. October 12, 12.10.2018 to February 24, 24.02.2019

How can it be that a T-shirt costs less than a large cup of coffee or a pair of trousers as much as a cinema ticket? And what does the price tell us about the life of the people who produce these clothes? »Fast Fashion« takes a critical look behind the scenes of the global textile industry and aims to create awareness about the subject of fashion consumption. As consumers and businesses profit from the bargain prices, others pay a high human cost for it.

Geformt mit göttlichem Atem. Antike Glaskunst aus einer Kölner Privatsammlung

Romano-Germanic Museum. October 5, 05.10.2018 to December 30, 30.12.2018

(DE) Kölner Privatsammler überließen dem Römisch-Germanischen Museum 450 griechische, römische und spätantike Glasgefäße als langfristige Leihgabe. 160 ausgewählte Gläser sind in einer Kabinettausstellung im „Kleinen Museum im Turm“ zu sehen. Mit ihrer ganz unterschiedlichen Herstellungstechnik, Provenienz, Dekor und Verwendung lassen sie 800 Jahre antike Glaskunst lebendig werden.

An eye on the shadows (at the museum’s Print Collection)

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud. September 28, 28.09.2018 to January 13, 13.01.2019

This new exhibition at the Wallraf’s Print Collection traces the depiction of a particularly ephemeral and elusive phenomenon – shadows. Visitors are invited to embark on an unusual journey of discovery on which they will discover works by masters such as Dürer, Rembrandt, Saenredam and de Lairesse.

EVA BESNYÖ – PHOTOGRAPHER. Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam

Käthe Kollwitz Museum. September 21, 21.09.2018 to December 9, 09.12.2018

Captivating views, stunning light and unconventional perspectives – Eva Besnyö’s (1910–2003) photography fascinates viewers. In autumn 2018, within the framework of the Festival of the International Photo-Scene in Cologne, the Käthe Kollwitz Museum will continue its series of photographic exhibitions with a presentation of more than 80 vintage prints from six decades by this remarkable photographer.

Gabriele Münter. Painting to the Point

Museum Ludwig. September 15, 15.09.2018 to January 13, 13.01.2019

Gabriele Münter (1877–1962) was a central figure of German Expressionism and the artist group Der Blaue Reiter, which was founded at Münter’s house in Murnau. Her role as a dedicated proponent, mediator, and longtime companion of Wassily Kandinsky is well known and recognized. This exhibition demonstrates Gabriele Münter’s importance and independence as a painter: with more than one hundred paintings, including works from her estate that will be presented for the first time.

Andy Warhol - Pop goes Art

Museum of Applied Arts. September 1, 01.09.2018 to March 24, 24.03.2019

The Cologne Museum of Applied Arts (MAKK) will be staging the first-ever exhibition of a private collection that includes almost all of Andy Warhol’s album cover designs, as well as many of his sketches and other illustrations. Featuring both videos and audio clips, the Pop goes Art exhibition will live up to its title by showcasing the interaction of art and music.

Doing the Document: Photographs from Diane Arbus to Piet Zwart.The Bartenbach Donation

Museum Ludwig. August 31, 31.08.2018 to January 6, 06.01.2019

Diane Arbus, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, August Sander, Tata Ronkholz, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Piet Zwart, and twelve other photographers all share a documentary and artistic approach, which will be presented and simultaneously questioned in Doing the Document. Walker Evans did not describe his photographs as documentary, but instead spoke of a “documentary style.” Where does the document end and the artistic gesture begin?

Hidden treasures - Archaeology in Cologne

Romano-Germanic Museum. July 20, 20.07.2018 to December 30, 30.12.2018

This exhibition shows old and new finds from 100,000 years of human history and 2,000 years of the history of Cologne. The city’s rich history is reflected in stunning finds – the oldest settlement in the Cologne district of Lindenthal, the life of Celtic and Germanic tribes on either bank of the Rhine, the splendour of Roman Colonia, the imperial naval base at the Alteburg, the late Roman fort of Divitia and the medieval commercial hub in the area of Cologne’s old town.

The Sunday of Life. Lifestyle in the Baroque

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud. July 13, 13.07.2018 to June 30, 30.06.2019

Rustling gowns, stately backdrops, exotic fruits and elegant accessories - the portraits and still lives from the baroque era mostly point to the sunny side of life. But not rarely concealed behind the figures and decorative arrangements are tales of adventure and crossed destinies. In its new presentation from the collection, The Sunday of Life, the Wallraf will feature particularly charming, rarely shown or freshly restored paintings on their very own stage.

The Samson-Master and his age. Romanesque sculpture in the Rhineland

Museum Schnütgen. June 6, 06.06.2018 to January 6, 06.01.2019

The “Samson-Master” was an outstanding artist active in the Rhineland in the period around 1200, who is named after the Samson figure from the abbey of Maria Laach. For some six months this expressive stone sculpture and a few exceptional capitals from Maria Laach will be guests at the Museum.

einFLUSSreich. Köln und seine Häfen

Historisches Archiv. April 11, 11.04.2018 to November 16, 16.11.2018

(DE) Stets hat der Rhein Köln reich gemacht und der Stadt Einfluss verschafft. Für die Römer war die Lage am Fluss der ausschlaggebende Aspekt, um gerade hier ein Oppidum, d. h. eine Stadt, anzulegen. Im Mittelalter sicherte das Stapelprivileg von 1259 den Reichtum der Stadt. Dieses legte fest, dass Waren, die Köln zu Schiff passierten, vor dem Weitertransport drei Tage in Köln zum Verkauf angeboten werden mussten.

KölnSkulptur #9

Skulpturenpark Köln. October 15, 15.10.2017 to June 15, 15.06.2019

(DE) Unter dem Ausstellungstitel „La Fin de Babylone. Mich wundert, dass ich so fröhlich bin!“ lädt die Kuratorin Chus Martínez ein, den Geschichten, die der Park zu erzählen hat, zu lauschen. Im Vordergrund stehen acht neue Arbeiten von folgenden Künstlern: Andrea Büttner, Claudia Comte, Jan Kiefer, Eduardo Navarro, Solange Pessoa, Lin May Saeed, Teresa Solar und Pedro Wirz.