Current exhibitions

Albert Speer in West Germany. Dealing with Germany’s past

NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne. June 7, 07.06.2019 to August 18, 18.08.2019

During the Third Reich, Albert Speer was the country’s leading architect and in charge of large-scale projects such as the Nazi party Rally grounds and the radical reconstruction of Berlin. In 1946 he was given a 20-year prison sentence by the Allies at the Nuremberg Trials. When Speer was released from prison in Berlin-Spandau in 1966 he was confronted with thousands of curious bystanders and dozens of microphones and cameras of international reporters.

New Objectivity in the Rhineland and Palestine – Erez Israel: Josef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn

NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne. May 17, 17.05.2019 to July 14, 14.07.2019

Since the UNESCO gave the »White City« in Tel Aviv World Heritage Site status, interest in and awareness of modern architecture from the 1930s and 1940s has constantly increased in Israel. The influence of New Objectivity is illustrated using the examples of Erich Mendelsohn (1887-1953) and Josef Rings (1878-1957).