Theme-based Presentation – People in their Worlds

ATELIER BRÜCKNER / Photo: Michael Jungblut

Ways of Living, Belief, Identity - themes that connect and concern us as people. A presentation on an exhibition area of 3,600 square metres (38,750 square feet) invites visitors to experience the wide variety of ways in which the different cultures of the world deal with these issues.
The theme complex "Comprehending the World" reveals the European view of other cultures as reflected in travelogues, art and museum presentations. The theme complex "Shaping the World" familiarises visitors with various different concepts of living. Why was life in a tipi so practical? Why were Maori tattooed and why are tattoos experiencing a comeback? What is the purpose of ancestral figures?
Comparing cultures in order to illustrate similarities and differences - a modern, enjoyable exhibition concept to promote tolerance and excite visitors' curiosity.

Rice Barn

The iconic hallmark of the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum - the Rice Barn. 

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The museum welcomes visitors with a complete Javanese Gamelan ensemble and invites them to listen and have a go at playing the instruments.

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Encounter and Appropriation:
Crossing Borders

From time immemorial different cultures have encountered each other, intermingled, drawn boundaries and exchanged knowledge and artefacts. This has not always been conflict-free.

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The Distorted View:

What are your prejudices? You will find out how they arise and why they are so tenacious.

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The World in a showcase: Museum

What motivates collectors? How do museums influence our knowledge? A multi-media museum table gives answers to these questions.

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A Matter of Perception and Opinion: Art

Enjoy the museum's most beautiful objects and see them in a new and different light in this section.

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Transition: Doors

Doors are points of transition and they have many a fascinating stoty to tell.

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Living Spaces − Ways of Living: Living

My home is my castle - in this section visitors learn more about the culture of hospitality, gender segregation and life in a tent.

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The Body as a Stage:
Clothing and Adornmentd Schmuck

Hippie or cosplayer? Man or woman? Rich or poor? Clothes reveal a great deal about the wearer. Have a look around our stage.

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The Staged Farewell:
Death and the Afterlife

Death affects everybody but the different ways of saying farewell could hardly be more diverse.

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Diversity of Belief: Religions

Religions provide people with answers to existential questions. Never before has there been a greater choice in the "supermarket of religions" than today.

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Intermediarie Worlds: Rituals

People conduct rituals to propitiate supernatural powers. Immerse yourself in the world of masks.

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