To mark the occasion, we would like to emphasize once again our self-image and the tasks of a Museum of World Cultures:

We dedicate ourselves to questions of living together in a global, permanently changing world. Our exhibitions and events, which are based on socially relevant themes, are intended to provide insights into the cultural diversity of the world and the city of Cologne and to highlight both similarities and differences in life plans. In this way, we would like to encourage visitors to question their own points of view.

We would like to actively promote diversity in our society. We want to create space for encounter and dialogue at eye level between people from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds. We are committed to openness, understanding and mutual respect - on a global level as well as in our immediate neighbourhood. It is our task as a museum to deal with colonial history, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or homophobia and to try to actively deconstruct and combat prejudices.

"We stand for a multicultural society, for openness and respect. It is my great wish that our house in Cologne be a lively, diverse place, a forum for diversity and encounters. Our house is free of hate or xenophobic ideas. That's what we want to stay and encourage again and again. We would like to build more and more bridges - locally and globally - and in the future we would like to tackle more topics such as racism, right-wing radicalism or Islamophobia", wishes Nanette Snoep, the new director of the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum - Cultures of the World.

People in their Worlds

Photo: Guido Schiefer

How do people organize their lives in different parts of the world and in different periods? What is the common link between us and other people and their life concepts? The theme-based exhibition “People in their Worlds” takes visitors on a fascinating and insightful voyage of discovery. Join us!

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