This website presents the results of an investigation in which the compositional planning of the ‘Altarpiece of the City Patron Saints’ was revealed and thoroughly analysed. Using the technique of infrared reflectography, hitherto unknown underdrawings hidden beneath the paint layer were brought to light.

You are cordially invited to discover the fascinating underdrawings on all the panels of the triptych. The infrared reflectograms, generated in black-and-white, and the likewise high-resolution colour photographs of the paintings allow detailed comparisons between what was planned at the drawing stage and what was actually painted.

Choose from among the numerous detail views and read the accompanying explanations. These latter represent a summary of the numerous findings, which are mostly already in print. This article can also be accessed here as a pdf file.

This information service in German and English provides ideal preconditions for further research into the genesis of one of the largest and most important works of late-medieval Cologne panel painting.

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