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St Gereon’s head

The fine lines indicating the nose and the rings of the eyes make it clear that St Gereon’s head was originally planned to be somewhat inclined to the left. These fine lines differ from the relatively broad lines that define the eyebrows, eyes and edge of the hat in an altered position, and the shapes of the nose and mouth. With their intense black colouring, these are visible not only in the infrared, but in places with the unaided eye, semi-transparently, or even, for example in the slit of the mouth, quite openly. As these strong lines closely correspond with the painted forms of the head, it is likely that they belong to a second stage of the underdrawing which was done to correct the first. In line with the changes, the painted version of the head is upright, and turned slightly to the left. The realistically painted high collar of closely meshed chain mail abuts on to the edge of the brigandine, which is set with jewels and pearls alternating with signs whose meaning is unknown.

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