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Companion with pole weapon on the far right

Short lines indicate succinctly and economically the striking facial features which come across as strangely cropped by the depiction of a helmet, presumably a sallet. This phenomenon may be connected with the recognizable traces of wiping or smudging (visible especially on the right of the head), which could suggest partial removal of paint already applied.

The painted version deviates markedly from the underdrawing of this head. In place of the drawing, which shows a helmet pulled well down over the forehead and the striking, rather grim features, the painting shows the portrait of a young man with a soft and friendly physiognomy, and a wreath of flowers over his long curly hair.

Also drastically altered in the painting stage was the pole weapon carried by this warrior (see red mapping lines). The underdrawing immediately next to his head, with the recognizable shapes of an axe-head, a stabbing blade and probably a hook, suggests that originally a battle-axe was planned. In the painting, the pole weapon was made considerably shorter and was given the shape of a war hammer, a less dangerous weapon that served mainly to dent or break armour.

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